Wouldn’t you love to go away for the weekend and relax at a health spa? Most of us would love to do that. However, often this can be too expensive for many of us. No worries. With just a little be of know how and some preparation you can enjoy a health spa weekend in your very own home and for a heck of a lot less!

You can do this alone or if you want, you can choose to have a friend join you, your husband, boyfriend, whomever you would like to share the experience with if that’s what you like. It’s up to you when it comes to the experience itself. However, to really enjoy your spa weekend and keep it stress free, you do have to shut out the world. This means, turn off your phone and let everything go to voicemail. Let people know what you will be doing so they will know to leave you alone unless it’s a dire emergency.

Your home spa weekend will start on a Friday night, so the Thursday before you should make sure that you have the following stocked in your home. This means you will probably need to do a little shopping before you start.

•    Have a supply of fresh washed fluffy towels
•    Clean and fresh sheets
•    Fresh fruits and veggies and plenty of sea salt
•    Lots of mineral water, fruit juice, herbal teas
•    CDs you may want to listen to during your spa weekend
•    Cling film for your beauty treatments
•    Various beauty products
•    Cotton wool, Q-tips, orange sticks
•    Tweezers
•    Comfortable casual clothes and good walking shoes
•    Plastic bowl or basin big enough for your feet
•    Pumice stone
•    Facial mask
•    Mountaineer’s space blanket
•    Clay or Fuller’s Earth (found at health food stores)
•    Essential oils of your choosing
•    Scented candles

Friday Night

•    Have a tight neck? Then take your big toe and squeeze it firmly on the area that is right below the pad and toward the outside of your foot. Hold it for 20 seconds and then repeat five times. You’d be amazed at what this does.
•    Now take a large bowl or basin big enough for your feet and fill with warm water and dissolve five aspirin in the water or put in a handful of sea salt. Next soak your feet in this water for about 20 minutes. Take a pumice stone and rub away any hard skin from your feet.
•    Mix together ½ cup of chopped almonds or almond meal, 1 cup of oatmeal and ½ cup of honey. Mix together and then put this on the soles of your feet and massage in a circular motion. Then wrap your feet in cling film and leave on your feet for about five minutes. Remove the film and rinse your feet with warm water then apply lotion.

Saturday Morning

•    Give your hair a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. You can make your own by taking one egg white and beat it until it’s stiff. Next take one teaspoon of honey and stir into the egg white. Take this mixture and massage it into your hair that is dry and comb it through to get it on evenly through your hair. Next take one teaspoon of sesame oil and dab it on your hair. You can also use one mashed up avocado and banana instead of the egg and honey mixture. Once the mixture is on your hair then cover your hair with some cling film. Leave the film on for ten minutes. After that wash your hair, rinse and condition as normal.

Saturday Night

•    Put on your comfortable walking shoes and go off on a long and brisk walk. Try to stay away from areas with a lot of traffic if possible. Make sure to walk fast enough to work up a little bit of a sweat. Try to walk like a big cat would, relaxed and graceful and try to walk with the second toe always leading and not splay footed or pigeon toed.
•    After you get home go right to the tub and run yourself a nice warm bath. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the water or add a pound of Epsom salts to your bath. Then soak in the tub for about 20 minutes. Just lie back, close your eyes and relax. If you have a shower attachment that’s removable, remove it and turn it on and use like a jet massage by using short, stroking style movements on areas like your hips, thighs and feet.
•    After you are finished with your bath take a wet sponge and add some sea salt to it and rub your skin gently with the sponge and sea salt. Use this all over your body except your face.
•    Rinse yourself off and dry by patting the towel all over your body and then apply lots of soothing body lotion.
•    Clean your face by using a face mask of your choosing. This will make you feel and look good.
•    Relax the rest of the evening by listening to your favorite music and/or read a good book.

Sunday Morning

•    Give your body a thermal wrap. You can make your own deep cleaning clay body mask with clay or Fuller’s Earth by just adding enough water to it to make yourself a paste. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix. You might want to add several drops of orange along with lemon or some lavender and sandalwood. Once you have it mixed, put it all over your hands and body and then wrap yourself up in the mountaineer’s blanket, lay your head on a pillow or folded towel and rest for about 20 minutes. After you are done, take a nice warm shower, put body lotion on and just kick back and relax some more.

Sunday Night

•    Get outside in the fresh air. Either take a walk or do some gardening in your yard.
•    After you come in relax some more listening to music or whatever you find that is calming.
•    When it’s close to bed time give yourself some aromatherapy. You can do this with wonderful smelling scented candles and place them all over the room you’ll be experiencing the aromatherapy. Take some of your essential oils and combine them together and massage them into your skin on your feet, legs, hands and arms. If your weekend was shared with someone have them apply to your back and you do the same for them.
•    Some of the most relaxing essential oils include valerian, marjoram, chamomile, sage, lemon and sandalwood. You can make a blend of these by using five drops of one or more of these oils and add them to one teaspoon of a base oil like sesame, jojoba or almond oil. Apply everywhere and let the oils sink into your skin thoroughly. Once you are done, climb into bed and sleep like a baby.

Final Note – During your spa weekend, drink lots of water, spend lots of time daydreaming and listening to calming music, eat healthy meals and even try eating your meals by candlelight.