When it comes to juicing, there are many out there that may believe that it could just be yet another fad diet for weight loss, or just a passing phase. However, that really isn’t true about making your juice fresh in your own home. Perhaps it’s just the word juicing that might throw some people off. But if you’re looking for assistance in weight loss and just want to add some healthy options to your diet, don’t be scared off by the word juicing.

Below you’ll find five things you should know about juicing and the weight loss that it can help you with.

Sure, There’s Room for Debate

Those who are crazy about juicing, green juicing, tell us that you can actually drink more of the veggies that you need, than you can actually eat and that juicing will allow your body to absorb vitamins and antioxidants a lot easier. To be fair to juicing, it has been credited with alleviating skin diseases and even help with immune disorders, lowering blood pressure and even lowering risks of some cancers. This means, this is a good thing.

Then there are skeptics that will claim that the detox and the cleansing benefits that are often attributed to drinking fresh juices is often less physical and more psychological. They believe there is just far too little scientific information that proves that juicing veggies is far better for you than just eating them. Either way, don’t let the skeptics scare you off, even if juicing doesn’t do what people claim it does, drinking fresh made juice can’t hurt.

Your Digestive System Will Be Thankful

When you juice your produce, most do believe that your digestive system seems to function more efficiently when you drink raw produce than when eating them raw. You can lose some of the fiber from the produce when you juice them but it does take a lot less energy to digest the juice than when you eat them in raw whole form.

Another benefit your digestive system receives is that it will receive more of the enzyme content of the produce when juiced instead of cooking. When you cook the veggies especially, the heating will reduce and sometimes even destroy the enzyme content and this can sometimes impede your digestion.

Moderation Should Be Key

No matter what kind of weight loss plan you go on, including juicing, moderation is always key for success. Even though juice fasting is done, it’s something that should be done occasionally and not as a stable diet. A juice fast is great for several days and there are many health benefits that come with it. For some however, it’s not needed at all and they still can reap healthy benefits from just including juicing in their diet.

When it comes to green juices, the best way to drink these for the best results is to drink them on an empty stomach. You also want to make sure that the juice is as fresh as possible.

Not Every Juice is Equal

Even though you can get plenty of juices from juice bars, health food stores, and other places, it’s important to be a little wary of those that are pasteurized or bottled. Make sure to read the labels carefully. It’s also important to note that if you consume too much fruit or fruit concentrate it can actually increase your sugar levels. On top of that the heating and processing will lessen their nutritional value.

The best thing you can do is buy yourself your own juicer and make your own fresh juices. If you can’t afford a juicer, you can use a blender, however, blenders will retain all of the content of the produce by just mashing everything together. It’s true you’ll maintain a lot of the fiber in produce you could end up with a smoothie instead of an actual juice. However, this can be up to the individual, either way, you are still ending up with a healthy product.

Endless Possibilities

If you do decide to try juicing yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment by combining a variety of different kinds of veggies and fruits. Mix together your favorites to see how well they go together and to get the best combinations of nutrition. Some of the more popular combinations are using vegetables like kale or spinach and combining with cucumber or celery and then adding beets, apples, or carrots for sweetness. But it doesn’t stop there, the choices of combinations can be endless and it’s best that you step outside the box and try whatever you think might be interesting and beneficial for your own personal tastes and health.

You can easily go online and find a variety of different recipes that can help you put together some great tasting juice recipes. You can also get apps to put on your phone where you can have easy access to a variety of recipes that are simple and easy to follow. And finally, don’t forget the good old fashioned way, buy a juice recipe book to have on hand at all times for a variety of recipes to choose from.

The most important thing to remember is that you use your imagination and don’t be afraid to try things you’ve never tried before. You might be surprised at how delicious your creations might end up being.