You probably think with that title “How stupid does she think I am?” and I apologize for that. However, a lot of hair problems happen because believe it or not, we often don’t really know how to shampoo our hair right. For example, one in three people don’t use their shower attachment to wet and rinse their hair. Often they just dunk it under bathwater or pour a few jugs of water over it and call it done. Seriously, this is true. In order to get your hair clean you need lots of water to remove the dirt and shampoo after.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Some say once a day, others say twice a week. However, if your hair is still looking good then leave it alone. But, if it’s not looking good then you might want to wash it every other day or every three days. If you do want to wash it daily be sure to use a gentle shampoo and always follow up with a good conditioner if you are going to wash it that often.

Here’s How to Wash Your Hair

•    Get your hair wet with the hottest water that your scalp can handle.
•    Put about a teaspoon full of shampoo on your hair. Less for short hair and a little more with super long hair. Using more shampoo isn’t going to get your hair any cleaner. Always make sure to put the shampoo on with the palm of your hand and not right out of the bottle. This way you can see how much shampoo you are using.
•    Never use your fingernails to rub your scalp, always use the pads of your fingers. Work the shampoo through your hair down to the ends. Always massage and don’t rub, this helps avoid tangles.
•    Make sure to rinse really good.
•    If you don’t wash your hair every day then you should repeat the process one more time through.
•    After you have rinsed your hair then you should squeeze out all the extra water with your hands before you put your conditioner on. Then massage your conditioner into your hair down to the ends, don’t massage it onto your scalp. Leave it on for the time required then rinse.
•    Take a dry towel and blot your hair dry. Never rub it or wring it when it’s wet because this is when your hair is at it’s weakest point. You can use a second towel and wrap it around your hair and leave it on your head for a few more minutes to get out the rest of the moisture in your hair.
•    Before using your blow dryer or curling iron on your hair you should put a small amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair, this will help to prevent you from getting split ends.

So, What’s in Shampoo?

The main ingredients in any shampoo is water, surfactant, which is a soapless detergent, and a perfume. The detergent is what breaks down the natural oil in your hair, so when you rinse your hair it collects the dirt and grime and it leaves your hair. By the way, how much your shampoo lathers really has nothing to do with how effective it will be. Lather is simply cosmetic. If you were to use an all natural shampoo, you would discover that it doesn’t lather at all but they still get your hair clean. There might be other additives such as thickening agents, keratin, amino acids along with hydrolized protein which can boost the shine and make the hair look a little thicker.

Do Shampoos With Vitamins Work?

Not really. You see your hair can’t absorb the vitamins but one and that would be vitamin B5. This vitamin can penetrate your hair shaft and this is why you will often see it as an ingredient in hair conditioners as well.

Note: You should wash your brush and/or comb quite often. It’s recommended that you wash them once a week in warm water with the same shampoo you wash your hair with. Or you can take a tablespoon of baking soda in some warm water and add a little bit of antiseptic and then agitate your comb and brush in this mixture to clean.